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Coffee starts to lose approximately 40% of its essential oils and aroma under 15 minutes after grinding. Through the grinding process, about 1000 various aromas and flavors contained in a coffee bean are exposed and start to escape once the seal has been destroyed. Hence brewing immediately after grinding is the only way to ensure you get a good number of these aromas into your cup. Give it another 24 hours, and your coffee will have a different taste. That is why it is essential not to store coffee after it is ground and only grind the quantity you need just before brewing.

Besides being free of electricity, the manual burr coffee grinder offers several advantages over the traditional electric grinder; the manual coffee grinder doesn’t shred the beans roughly like the electric grinder, usually leaving lumpy and coarse fragments in our grind. Also, manual grinding doesn’t get the beans hot and hence does not have any adverse effect on flavor. They also have longer shelf-lives compared to the electric ground ones because of their simple design and high-grade ceramic components. It allows you to grind just the quantity you need for the moment rather than grinding a large number of beans you don’t need immediately. The hand-grinding process is so quiet and helps you avoid the loud cringing sounds made by electric grinders.

Manual Burr Grinder

At the very minimum, we suggest that you clean the grinder whenever you change roasts to prevent any residue or oils left from your earlier blends from spoiling the taste of your brew. Nonetheless, this is your choice and how strict you are with the flavor of your coffee.

Here are some settings you can use to find the right size grind.

Turn the black adjustment knob to the right until it stops. For the various adjustments below, each number represents a click to the left. You should feel and slightly hear the clicks.

  • Extra fine – 1 to 3 clicks to the left
  • Medium fine – 4 to 6 clicks to the left
  • Medium – 7 to 9 clicks to the left
  • Medium coarse – 10 – 12 clicks to the left
  • Coarse – 13 to 18 clicks to the left



The catcher is designed to contain as much as 38 grams of ground coffee. This is enough for two mugs of coffee (based on how strong you prefer your coffee).

Pour Over Dripper

Our dripper is made of the best food grade stainless steel.

This dripper is designed to make 1-2 cups of coffee at once. It all depends on how big your cup is and how strong you would like your coffee.