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We want to help you make a perfect cup of coffee

Our Mission

Our mission at 205 Degrees is very simple. We want to help you make a perfect cup of coffee every day. We start by sourcing the best beans and micro-roasting them fresh as orders come in. Shop Now Try some of our great fresh coffee. You won’t be dissappointed.
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205° WATER

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee starts with having just the right water temperature. Get the right gear to get you to that perfect temperature.


Coffee Beans

We source our coffee beans from farmers that grow organic beans in a sustainable way. Many of our beans are organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.


Roasting process

To make a perfect cup of coffee, the beans need to be fresh. We micro-roast our beans so that that they don’s sit around on shelves and get to you fast.

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brewing gear

We sell the right gear to help you brew your perfect cup of coffee. From grinders, to pour overs, we have them. We are constantly on the hunt for the best for you.

Farm to Cup Coffee Roasted Daily


We import beans directly from the farm and roast them daily then ship directly to you
Give one of these blends a try

Making That Perfect Cup


Water Temperature

One of the most important factors in brewing your perfect cup is the water temperature. Guess what temperature we recommend? You got it! 205 degrees.


Making a Pot

Making a full pot of coffee is great if you enjoy multiple cups yourself or want to share. Everything from a good old percolator to a no-fuss pour-over will work great with our coffee.


Premium Beans

Ah, the beans! High-quality beans mean you get the very best in flavor in your cup. Don’t settle for low-quality beans. You deserve the best.


The Right Roast

Picking the right roast is essential to making that perfect cup. Determine if you like the rich full body flavor of a dark roast or a milder less intense flavor of a light roast. Or, somewhere in between.


French Press

We love making coffee using a french press. If you’ve never used one, you should give it a try.


Single Serve

For those on the go, brewing one cup at a time is a great option. Check out our single serve k cup options.

Coffee Gear


Brewing the perfect cup of coffee requires the right brewing gear.
Check out some of our great coffee products.

Helpful Coffee Info

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