Paradise Blend (Donut Shop, Medium Roast) – 12oz


This blend invokes visions of paradise with every sip! Our Paradise Blend is a medium roast whole bean coffee that is full-bodied and smooth. This is the perfect blend for any time of the day. Pick up a bag today and enjoy this blend anytime of the day or night. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Organic Premium Beans
  • Single Origin
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Medium Body
  • Chocolate Plum & Blackberry Flavors

These beans are direct from our growers family farm, then to our small batch roasting facility, then off of the roaster and sent to you!

Prefer ground coffee?

For the freshest coffee experience, you should grind your beans just before use, but we can grind them for you if you prefer.

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Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Roast Level



Chocolate Plum & Blackberry / Medium Body

Stop Buying Stale Bad Tasting
Off The Shelf Coffee

Our roast master would really be upset if he knew you were out there buying coffee that wasn’t the best. That’s not the way to go when it comes to making a perfect cup of coffee. There is a much better alternative for you and we’re glad you found us.

Let’s see about getting you some great fresh beans…

Why Buy Our Coffee?

At 205 Degrees, we really want you to have the best coffee experience with every cup. This requires having the best beans and having them delivered to you fast after roasting.

With our coffee you get…

  • Coffee direct from the farm to the roaster
  • We roast to order so when you send us your order, we add it to the queue for roasting
  • We bag your coffee within hours of roasting
  • We ship fast so you can start enjoying your coffee ASAP!
  • Most of our coffee is 100% organic. Only our espresso is 50%
  • All of our coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified
We can go on and on, but the only way for you to know for sure is to try it! Like with any of our products, if you don’t like it or have a problem, contact us and we will make it right!

You Deserve Great Coffee

Your Coffee Experience Will Be
So Much Better!

With the first sip of one of our blends, you’ll agree that 205 Degrees coffee gets a thumbs up!

Coffee That Puts A
Smile On Your Face

Coffee Roasted Daily
Premium Organic Beans
Family Owned Farm
Shipped Fresh After Roasting
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Paradise Blend (Donut Shop, Medium Roast) – 12oz

Paradise Blend – Medium Roast Organic Coffee

Our Paradise blend is a carefully crafted, vibrant, medium roast blend of beans to help awaken your taste buds after the first sip. Paradise offers a smooth, crisp, and citrusy flavor profile with the body and depth of medium to dark roasted beans. This roast gives just the balance between flavor and body. Sustainable, Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified.


Our Paradise Blend is a carefully crafted


Our goal at 205 Degrees is to bring you the best coffee to help you make a perfect cup of coffee. That mission requires the very best beans, and having beans that are organic and also grown in a sustainable manner is crucial.

Our Paradise blend is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. This blend doesn’t contain any additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. This blend is as close as you can get to farm to cup. Our whole beans can be ground for use in any coffee maker, including drip, pour overs, espresso makers, french press, and AeroPress. Pick up one of our coffee grinders to grind your coffee before use.

Sustainable: We use premium blended sustainably grown Arabica beans that are micro-roasted in Atlanta, GA.

Brewing Options: Espresso blend is suitable for brewing in a coffee maker that brews espresso. If you prefer your coffee already ground, just let us know and we will grid it for you and have it ready for your espresso machine.

205 Degrees Coffee

205 Degrees started with a simple mission. Help anyone make a perfect cup of coffee. We offer a variety of very high-quality coffee blends and single-origin coffee. Some of our coffee is organic, and Rainforest Alliance certified. We also offer various items for brewing coffee. Our goal is to help you make an amazing cup of coffee at a good price and be good stewards of the plant at the same time. Perfect!

Making That Perfect Cup


Water Temperature

One of the most important factors in brewing your perfect cup is the water temperature. Guess what temperature we recommend? You got it! 205 degrees.


Making a Pot

Making a full pot of coffee is great if you enjoy multiple cups yourself or want to share. Everything from a good old percolator to a no-fuss pour-over will work great with our coffee.


The Right Roast

Picking the right roast is essential to making that perfect cup. Determine if you like the rich full body flavor of a dark roast or a milder less intense flavor of a light roast. Or, somewhere in between.


Premium Beans

Ah, the beans! High-quality beans mean you get the very best in flavor in your cup. Don’t settle for low-quality beans. You deserve the best.

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