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What is the BEST Organic Coffee in 2022?

A cup of coffee is more than just a hot drink. It’s a reliable morning pick-me-up. It’s the thing that keeps you going during a long, tiring workday. For some, it’s even art. Coffee can be something different for everyone, but regardless of what you’re using it for, we know you want the best cup of coffee you can find.

For that, you want an organic, high-quality product that’s manufactured with care. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best organic coffee products on the market in 2022. 

These are all high-quality coffees that are sure to make your daily coffee a truly remarkable experience. 

What Makes the Best Organic Coffee? 

Before you start checking out our list of recommendations, here’s what to expect from the list. These weren’t picked willy-nilly for marketing purposes; they uphold a high standard of quality and have several traits that make them stand out from the pack. 

These coffees were judged based on the following traits.


First and foremost, every product is organic. The beans come straight from sustainable, organic farms, and they’re free of all the chemicals and nonsensical additives a lot of bottom-shelf coffees have. 

You can trust that these are straight-from-nature coffee products that are as wholesome as they are flavorful. 


Quality is just as important as whether or not a product is organic. These products have exceptional quality, and they’re made with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

From the quality of the beans and processing methods to the packaging that keeps it fresh, each product stands out as a top-quality item. 


A product can be of the highest quality and come from magic coffee beans; it doesn’t matter if you can’t afford it, or it just isn’t worth what you’re paying for it. Value is important even when you’re looking for the best of something, and it has been taken into account for every item on this list. 

Not only will your taste buds love these coffees, but your wallet will, too. 


If you buy two different brands of bottom-barrel coffee, the difference likely won’t be anything to write home about. 

However, you deserve better when you’re paying a premium price. You deserve something unique. Something that stands out among the rest of the coffees on the market. If it’s just a copy of the standard with boastful claims on the package, you’re not getting the most out of your premium quality. 

a cup of the best organic coffee

These coffees are unique in one way or another. Some have unique flavors or a standout trait, and some simply take the traditional concept and elevate it to the next level. 

Either way, you’ll get a unique, enjoyable experience with any of the coffees on this list. 

LifeBoost Coffee: Most Nature-Focused

If you’re looking for an organic coffee that focuses on delivering coffee in its most natural form, LifeBoost has your back. 

LifeBoost’s main focus is on taking coffee beans straight from nature and putting them in your cup while supporting the local environments that produce the coffee. 

Here are the reasons you should, and maybe shouldn’t, pick up some LifeBoost coffee. 


LifeBoost coffee has one ingredient: Coffee beans. Not only that, but those coffee beans are free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, and other things that many cheap brands don’t care about. 

Less Acidic: 

One of LifeBoost’s claims to fame is its lower acidity level. The coffee is shade-grown and slowly roasted to get rid of up to 30% of the acidic compounds found in most other coffees. 

However, this process also gives it a lighter flavor profile and effect. This can be a pro and a con. If you like lighter, less overwhelming coffees, this is great. It will also prevent that notorious stomach ache that coffee is known to cause. However, it might leave something to desire if you’re into bold, rich flavors. 

Sustainable Growing:

LifeBoost supports small, sustainable coffee farms that use environmentally-friendly growing methods. This makes the product more than just a product; it’s a boon for the small community it’s grown in and the environment surrounding it. 


Some lower-quality coffee companies are said to have mold spores in them. That’s partially why the chemicals are added to make up for subpar manufacturing processes. LifeBoost takes extra care to prevent mold and keep it out of its coffee in the first place. 

The Bad: 

Of course, almost no product is perfect. LifeBoost has a lot going for it if you like lighter coffees, but it’s kind of expensive. It averages $35 for a small bag of coffee, and daily drinkers aren’t going to get a lot for their dollar. However, it can still be a good option if you only drink coffee on occasion. The 2-year shelf-life helps with that, too. 

Death Wish Coffee: Most Potent

With Death Wish Coffee, potency is the name of the game. This unique coffee is proven to be twice as strong as a standard cup of coffee, but that’s not the most interesting part. No, they managed to make an extremely caffeinated coffee without adding any funky chemicals or nonsense. The coffee beans are just bred that way. 

best organic coffee beans

Death Wish Coffee sets the bar for caffeine potency, and it’s great if you rely on coffee to stay up, or you simply like an abnormal amount of caffeine in your coffee. However, this makes it a little harder to recommend than other options on this list. Not everyone is going to want such strong coffee, and it might cause jitters in even the most experienced coffee drinkers. 

Certified Organic:

Death Wish Coffee carries the “Certified Organic” label. This means the FDA personally tested Death Wish Coffee to ensure that it was grown without the use of chemicals or weird science experiments. 

Excessive Caffeine:

This is either the most attention-grabbing or most off-putting trait of Death Wish Coffee. If you want something highly potent, it’s perfect. It has twice as much caffeine as anything else on this list per 4-ounce cup. 

However, that isn’t exactly a good thing. While a massive caffeine content is attractive for some, it can also give you the coffee jitters very quickly, and those who are sensitive to caffeine will want to stay away from it. Use your own judgment. 


Death Wish Coffee comes in at a tremendous value. Despite being certified organic and twice the potency of other coffees, almost all Death Wish Coffees cost a mere $15 per 1-pound bag. This is a great bargain, and it’s only slightly more than you’ll pay for a grocery store brand. 

Cool Brand Identity:

Death Wish Coffee knows what its high-potency roasts are capable of, and the company has built its entire identity around it. The packaging is especially creative, and there’s just something about having a truly wicked-sounding cup of coffee that adds to the experience in an admittedly unimportant way. 

The Bad:

Death Wish Coffee is extremely unique, and it’s fairly priced. However, all the focus on marketing and potency leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to the overall experience. It’s known for being a bit bitter, and it can be more overwhelming than espresso sometimes. 

This is the best organic coffee for caffeine lovers with a tough palette, but coffee lovers who enjoy the nuanced flavor and gentler caffeine curves will want to look elsewhere. 

PurityCoffee: Health-Focused

Coffee isn’t always just a quick boost of caffeine. It also has some proven health benefits, and PurityCoffee roasts its coffee beans specifically to make those benefits shine. 

The company isn’t focused on creating the next most exotic coffee experience, breeding ridiculously potent coffee beans, or offering the most value-minded organic coffee. Instead, they’re focused on ensuring your body gets the most out of its daily cup of coffee. 

This won’t impress everyone, but it is a great option for those focused on optimizing their health with everything they consume. 

Certified Organic: 

PurityCoffee is certified organic like most options on this list. It’s free of mold, chemicals, and additives. This is bound to be the case, anyways. The company’s focus is on creating health-oriented coffee beans. So, you should expect nothing less. 


All of the coffees on this list are going to give you plenty of antioxidants and provide the same benefits as PurityCoffee. However, PurityCoffee is roasted in a way that preserves as much of the compounds that cause those benefits as possible. 

This leads to a lighter roast than most other options, but the health benefits are intact in full, and that will appeal to a large number of coffee drinkers with a health-conscious approach to life. 


The price for a bag of PurityCoffee isn’t a pro or a con. It’s fairly priced for the amount of work that goes into preserving its health benefits, but it’s definitely not something you want to pick up if you’re tight on cash. 

One bag costs $24; which is almost double a similarly-sized product from the grocery store. However, you’re easily getting twice the quality, too. The price just isn’t impressive for the experience you’re getting, either. 

Light Flavors:

If you really dislike the bitterness and boldness of most other coffees, PurityCoffee will give you a product you can enjoy. It’s lighter, but it’s still packed with coffee flavor. 

The Bad:

While this is a great health-oriented product, it doesn’t focus on elevating the daily coffee experience of coffee lovers. It’s a lighter cup of coffee that happens to be very good for you, and its price mirrors that. 

Health-conscious buyers will love this, but if you’re looking for the best organic coffee experience, you might want a more experience-focused product. 

Maca Coffee: Best Alternative

Coffee isn’t for everyone; even people or really love the concept. It can cause the jitters in caffeine-sensitive people, and some would-be coffee lovers have an…unpleasant…bathroom experience every time they drink it. 

organic coffee

Luckily The Maca Team offers a Maca coffee substitute that provides you with the experience of a premium organic coffee, but you won’t have to worry about some of the consequences certain coffee lovers have to experience. It’s also a bit more health-focused. 


Maca is a root that emulates the coffee experience well, and it has a lot of the same benefits due to it being rich in antioxidants just like dark roast coffee. It even has a similar flavor. 


Since this coffee is a root, it’s powdered. You don’t have to brew it. You can just add it to heated water and stir it well. This is a bit more convenient, and it’s far easier to control how your cup of Maca tastes than it is to use a pour-over setup to do the same with coffee. 

Organic Vegan:

The Maca Team uses premium organic ingredients with ZERO non-vegan ingredients. Even the packaging is designed to be nature-friendly. 

The Bad: 

First, this isn’t legitimate coffee. It’s super healthy, convenient, and similar to coffee, but it’s made from a Maca root, and it does taste somewhat different. You have to be willing to try new things if you buy this. 

Speaking of which, that’s not going to be an option for a lot of people. One bag costs between $48 and $54. That is incredibly expensive. However, this is the best coffee alternative you’ll find. 

205 Degrees: Our Top Pick; The Best Organic Coffee

Here we are. This is the best organic coffee for you to try in 2022. It’s the best combination of quality, value, and uniqueness, and you’re not going to find anything better. 

205 Degrees coffee is focused on bringing you the most unique and enjoyable organic coffee experience at a price that truly impresses you. The quality of the beans is worthy of a coffee twice its price, 205 Degrees makes unique flavor blends, and the company’s roasting process is meant to bring you the freshest product possible. 

You simply cannot beat 205 Degrees coffee, and it’s perfect for your daily cup. 


205 Degrees is focused on the coffee experience. So, it only makes sense that the company is particular about its beans and blends. Most customers note a subtle fruitiness with 205 Degrees coffee and a wide mix of side notes and aromas. 

Organic and Single-Source:

Not only are 205 Degrees coffee products organic, but they’re also single-source. This means they’re completely free of all the product variations and unwanted plants and fungi that make their way into other coffees unnoticed. The beans are uniform, and there’s no mold to worry about. 


You get a ridiculously high-quality product that is guaranteed to give you a unique coffee experience. Even better, it only costs $15 per bag. 

This is only slightly more than bottom-shelf coffee brands, but it has several times the quality. This is easily the best bargain on this list without sacrificing quality. The price also makes it attractive for daily coffee drinkers. 

The Bad: 

There are no cons. You get a premium-quality coffee at a mid-shelf price, and every other requirement is spot-on. What more can you ask for? 

The Final Verdict

All of these coffees will give you a stellar experience for different reasons. However, for the average coffee lover who wants an amazing cup of coffee without any gimmicks, it’s clear that 205 Degrees is the best organic coffee of 2022. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. It’s super affordable. So, go out and buy yourself a few bags, today. 

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