To Make The Best Whipped Coffee, There is No Need For Instant Coffee

To Make The Best Whipped Coffee, There is No Need For Instant Coffee

Whipped coffee, also known as Dalgona coffee, is a famous flavor of coffee that gained popularity following the Coronavirus pandemic. People who were unable to go out began creating movies showing themselves whipping coffee by hand at home without the use of electronic mixers. This tendency has also earned whipped coffee the moniker “quarantine coffee.”

Its appealing appearance, with a fluffy coating on top, added to its popularity, as did the fact that it looked and tasted delectable. Whipped coffee is mostly preferred by those who prefer instant coffee to ground coffee, as well as espresso and cappuccino enthusiasts. But, is it possible to make whipped coffee without using instant coffee?

Coffee drinkers appear to be divided among those who are adamant about maintaining the classic flavor of coffee and those who are prone to grab for fast gratification. Coffee beans and instant coffee come face to face once more in this article, which is intended to shed light on how to substitute instant coffee for ground coffee when creating Dalgona.

The question of whether ordinary coffee can be used in whipped coffee is posed by those who prefer the conventional flavor of ground coffee yet crave a taste of Dalgona’s majesty.

While some go so far as to claim that it’s practically impossible to make whipped coffee with regular coffee grounds, there are more and more enthusiasts who are finding ways of reconciling the two.

There is, indeed, a lot of controversy surrounding the question of can you make whipped coffee without instant coffee, so in this article, we will try to clear up any uncertainty you might have come across when it comes to whipped coffee.

Let’s start the discussion by what whipped coffee is to ensure we have laid the foundation for whether you can make whipped without instant coffee.

What is whipped coffee?


Whipped coffee is strong, almost like espresso yet creamy and frothy like a latte. It has just enough sweetness to neutralize the coffee’s bitterness without making it too sweet—like drinking coffee-flavored cream.

It originates from South Korea, where it is called Dalgona coffee. A South Korean actor who ordered this coffee during his appearance at a star show was the first to coin the name whipped coffee. The idea appeared thanks to the comparison in taste with Dalgona, a type of Korean honeycomb toffee.

To Make The Best Whipped Coffee, There is No Need For Instant Coffee

Dalgona began its online virality on the popular video app TikTok. But, perhaps the main reason Dalgona Coffee became so viral was because of its simplicity. We will talk about how it’s prepared later on, but let’s first understand the chemistry behind its making.

The foam on the top of Dalgona coffee is one of its most appealing characteristics. Generally speaking, foam is the air that has become trapped in a solid or liquid in the form of bubbles. It is produced by agitating, or simply put – whipping the liquid and distributing a large amount of gas throughout it. The act of whipping during the making of whipped coffee “agitates” the coffee to form bubbles. The bubbles maintain their form due to the combined properties of instant coffee and sugar.

Many claim that you have to use instant coffee to make whipped coffee because of the specific characteristics: minuscule particles, sugar, and milk added, and the greater tendency to dissolve in water than ground coffee. The main argument is that regular coffee grounds are not minuscule like the particles in instant coffee, and therefore, you cannot make ground coffee into foam. Unfortunately, this belief doesn’t match reality.

The good news for “regular coffee” lovers is that you can adapt ground coffee for whipping by using techniques that will be described later in the article.

To understand the secret behind making whipped coffee without instant coffee, let’s start by explaining the usual whipped coffee-making and the role instant coffee plays in it. That way, we will be able to discover how to substitute it for ground coffee.

How is whipped coffee made?


Whipped coffee or Dalgona (when not made with regular coffee) has just four ingredients—instant coffee (or instant espresso), sugar, water, and milk. You can start whipping the first three ingredients in equal amounts and then pour the whipped topping over ice and your choice of milk.

Making whipped coffee doesn’t take long. You need to beat it for 3-4 minutes with a hand mixer or a whisk. The brief and energetic movements will be a sort of morning exercise if you use a whisk since you have to whip hard to get that beautiful foam on the top, which is the trademark of whipped coffee. If you want mousse-like peaks, stop at 3 minutes, and for a stiffer peak, continue for 4 minutes. Using a frother or an electronic hand mixer will make the process faster and easier.

If you’d like to experiment and make variations of whipped coffee, you can try adding Irish cream whiskey to the milk and enjoy the relaxing effects. Or you might want to add chocolate syrup and drink it as a treat. As for the milk, you can try drinking your Dalgona with almond, coconut, or any other nut milk you can find.

To Make The Best Whipped Coffee, There is No Need For Instant Coffee

It’s pretty straightforward, and this is the reason you will want to start your busy day off with Dalgona coffee.

We’ve revealed whipped coffee origins, a short history of Dalgona, and the usual ways of making it, and by now, you are probably getting impatient to find out the secret to making whipped coffee without instant coffee, so it’s time to get straight to that!

How to make whipped coffee without instant coffee?


The procedure of making whipped coffee without instant coffee is pretty much the same as the original recipe. The main difference is the way you whisk the ground coffee.

The key to making whipped coffee without instant coffee is the sugar content because the sugar provides the structure needed to give it that creamy custard-like texture. For whipping the ground coffee, you can use regular sugar, but also brown and coconut sugar. Furthermore, the coffee to sugar ratio needs to be almost equal.

However, if you want to avoid sugar altogether, you can add a sweetener instead. In this case, you should add just a bit greater amount of sweetener compared to the rest of the ingredients. Also, if you don’t want sugar in your whipped coffee, you can add a splash of vanilla.

The crucial problem when making whipped coffee without instant coffee is the size of ground coffee particles. They are bigger than those of instant coffee. How to solve this?

There are two ways to make regular coffee grounds smaller and thus easier to use when creating a foam. The first is to pour hot water over the ground coffee from which you want to make whipped coffee. So, put the whole amount of ground coffee into a bowl prepared for whisking, pour just a bit of hot water, and then energetically whisk until you get an even solution of coffee that you will use further on when adding it to the cup filled with milk.

The second way you can turn coffee grounds into a fine powder that resembles instant coffee is to scoop one scoop of ground coffee beans into the cup of the coffee grinder and start the grinder. Grind the coffee for about 30 seconds. It will eventually begin clumping together a bit. Check the coffee, and repeat for another 30 seconds if necessary.

Pour the coffee out of the grinder through a sieve. All that should be left are chunks of the most delicate powder, similar to instant coffee, tasting like regular coffee. You will most likely be left with about half of the original scoop of ground coffee beans.

If you like your drink less sweet and more coffee-flavored, make sure to add additional cold coffee to your milk before topping it with the whipped coffee.

So, as you can see, making the famous whipped coffee without instant coffee is not only possible but relatively doable and straightforward.

After reading this article, you might want to try to make some whipped coffee on your own. That’s why we have dedicated the next chapter to how you can make whipped coffee even more delicious and store it, in case you get in the habit of drinking larger quantities of this tasty drink.

How to drink and store whipped coffee?


Although you can make whipped coffee with cold and room-temperature water, it seems that the best flavor comes from whipping it with hot water. In addition, the steam hot water may produce a fluffier foam, which will be more pleasurable to drink.

We concluded that you could use a whisker if you don’t have an electronic mixer. However, if you plan on transforming drinking whipped coffee at home into a ritual, you might want to buy this helpful tool to make the most of your Dalgona experience.

To Make The Best Whipped Coffee, There is No Need For Instant Coffee

The best results come when whisking the coffee in a bowl instead of a jar or mug since the air has more space to circulate in more expansive spaces like a bowl, as opposed to tall containers like a cup, and in this way become more fluffy.

Whipped coffee wouldn’t be whipped coffee without the visible divide between the milk and the foam on top. However, if you want a more robust flavor, you can stir the coffee with a spoon or a straw to incorporate the flavor and blend the border between milk and coffee. The blending will make the taste more bitter, and you will enjoy one of the possible variations of whipped coffee.

As for storing, whipped coffee can usually stay fluffy in the refrigerator for a few hours after making. However, if you want to keep larger quantities and save time in the mornings, you can refrigerate whipped coffee in an air-tight conditioner in the refrigerator for up to a week.

We’ve covered almost everything you need to know about whipped coffee without instant coffee and more, so now is the time to prepare you to get the most out of drinking whipped coffee made of coffee grounds. The essential element is the type or brand of coffee you will be using during the preparation.

The next chapter reveals the best type of coffee for whipping and how you can get it.

What is the best type of coffee to use when making whipped coffee without instant coffee?


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