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How to Make the Best French Press Cold Brew Coffee in 2022

Cold Brewed Coffee is one of the most refreshing and delicious beverages, although it has only recently become popular in the US. There is still confusion about the preparation methods and origins. In this article, we will try to explore the best ways to make Cold Brewed Coffee, giving information on ingredients, preparation time, and most of all – how to use the French Press to make the best Cold Brew Coffee.  

French Press Cold Brew is one of the best ways to enjoy the Cold Brew. French Press is a handy tool when making coffee since the taste is almost always better because everything except the ground coffee ends up in the cup. How? French Press doesn’t soak up flavour and adds tiny coffee grounds in the coffee that percolates flavour. Because you let the grounds steep instead of filter, the coffee tastes better.

Cold Brew preparation can be very forgiving of older coffee beans, and it’s easy to make larger quantities in advance. The larger supply of coffee will save you from at least one chore in the morning – making coffee in a hurry.

Those who drink the Cold Brew also talk about one other upside of this type of coffee: low acidity! Cold-brew coffee tastes less acidic than hot brewed coffee from the same beans. Since the hot water can break up the oils in beans much quicker, depositing much more acid into the coffee, hot coffee is always more acidic than Cold Brew.

Since there are many ways to make Cold Brew, you might be wondering what the best way is. In this article, we will try to answer how to make the best French Press Cold Brew and why it is the best technique, but let’s first delve deeper into what Cold Brew is and why it is so popular.

What Is Cold Brewed Coffee?

The Cold Brew is often confused with Ice Coffee, possibly because of its name. However, the brewing methods are entirely different, producing two separate drinks with little in common.

The Cold Brew is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in lukewarm water for 12-24 hours. It is then mixed with water or milk to make a perfect cup of pleasure.

The Cold Brew, despite its name, can be drunk hot or lukewarm, depending on the temperature of water and milk you choose. It is less acidic than regular coffee, meaning there is no risk of damaging your heart, stomach or teeth, which is the case with regular coffee. 

french press cold brew

Since this type of coffee is brewed at low temperatures, it doesn’t “burn” coffee beans and tastes less bitter and more flavorful.

Although some argue that the Cold Brew is more expensive than regular coffee, the concentrate you make during the preparation can stay in the fridge for up to two weeks and not go stale. Hot brewed coffee would. This property of Cold Brew provides you with an opportunity to keep coffee for long periods after the preparation, without having to throw away large amounts, as you would with regular coffee.

It can be drunk hot or cold, which is another one of its benefits. Now that you have gained some knowledge of the Cold Brew let’s get straight to the point and find out how to prepare and drink French Press Cold Brew.

For more knowledge on the Cold Brew, read this article.

How To Make The Best French Press Cold Brew?

Using the French Press to make the Cold Brew is relatively easy. You don’t need a coffee filter nor special equipment, and you’ll be surprised that the brewing process to make cold-brewed coffee is more straightforward than that of hot brew coffee.

French Press Cold Brew is best made with coarse ground coffee since there will be fewer fine particles of grounds in your final concentrate. Using grounds that are too fine can lead to a bitter taste. You can choose your type of coffee, which is a considerable benefit in drinking French Press Cold Brew. That’s why we highly recommend making French Press Cold Brew from fresh, organic micro-roasted coffee, such as Beyond (Dark Roast) – 12oz. It’s a dark, perfect, full-body, premium beans coffee that will take your French Press Cold Brew experience a whole level up.

Brewing Cold Brew concentrate is fairly simple with the French Press. First, you need to add the ground coffee and water to your French Press and let it sit for 8 to 24 hours. You can also let it sit for 8 hours, but bear in mind that the longer it sits, the stronger your concentrate will be. 

When the time has elapsed, push down the plunger. This way, you will trap the grounds below the filter. A few grounds may pour their way into the concentrate, but you can filter them through a fine-mesh strainer.

You can adjust the ratio of coffee to water to your liking, but if you don’t have experience, add about 3/4 to 1 cup of ground coffee to about 4 cups of water to start with if you have a 1-litre French press. After making the first batch, you’ll get the idea about how much coffee/water you need to adapt the quantities to your taste.

french press cold brew

If you want your Cold Brew hot, you can heat the concentrate in the microwave or on the stove. If you use just a little concentrate, you can heat it by adding hot water from the kettle. Remember, the better your water tastes, the better your Cold Brew will taste.

Now that you have the knowledge it takes to make the perfect Cold Brew in the French Press, and you know it tastes like Heaven, you might be surprised that it has numerous advantages over other types of coffee and that it’s also very healthy. Coffee doesn’t get better than this, so stay tuned and let’s see how French Press Cold Brew is beneficial.

What Are The Benefits Of Making Coffee In The French Press?

French Press coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine. Caffeine isn’t only good for waking you up; research has linked it to health improvements. Since caffeine is a stimulant, it increases activity in your brain and nervous system. It also increases the circulation of chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline in the body. Because French Press coffee abounds in caffeine, it can have refreshing and regenerating effects on your whole well-being.

French Press machines allow raw grounds to contact the water directly instead of flowing through a paper filter. This contact allows the essential oils to diffuse instead of being captured before you drink them.

french press cold brew health benefits

As a result, antioxidants and nutrients end up in your cup instead of only flavour. Apart from being a healthy, refreshing drink that you can adjust to your liking in the comfort of your home, it is highly beneficial to your wallet. In other words – drinking French Press Cold Brew is cheaper than buying coffee at Starbucks every day. The French Press will cost you no more than $20 or less. We’ve done a little math, and here are the results: you can make great coffee at home for years cheaper than a week’s worth of Starbucks coffee.

This phenomenal coffee machine is easy to use, clean and store since it doesn’t occupy much space. It is small and lightweight and will fit almost anywhere. As we pointed out, preparing is a piece of cake: grind, pour, extract, and drink!

If you are still wondering whether to try making French Press Cold Brew yourself, we recommend you don’t miss this thick texture, delicious coffee that produces a heavier mouthfeel since you preserved oils from the coffee.

You can adapt this type of coffee to your taste quickly by changing the time you let your grounds steep. You can do a mild brew in 90 seconds. In comparison, some people allow their grounds to steep for up to 4 minutes for an extra-strong flavour.

To have the most benefits from making and drinking French Press Cold Brew, let’s discover how to clean the French Press after making the Cold Brew in it to get the most delicious cup of coffee every time.

How To Properly Clean The French Press After Preparing The Cold Brew?

To ensure a clean and delicious cup of coffee, be sure to always clean the French Press after making coffee in it. Let’s see how to do it properly!

Once your Cold Brew is ready to drink, transfer the beverage to a flask, jug or mason jar. Although the marks on the glass aren’t interfering with the look and quality of the French Press at this stage, if you leave them untreated, there might be issues later. 

Cleaning a French Press is critical to ensure a clean and delicious cup of coffee. To stay on top of a regular cleaning cycle, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Let the French Press cool so you don’t experience burns or injuries.
  1. Dig out the grounds with your hands or a spatula. Don’t use metal spoons because the glass might break.
  1. Add a bit of liquid dish soap to the carafe with some water, then move the plunger up and down until the content gets bubbly.
  1. Remove the soapy water and scrub the plunger and the inside of the carafe with the soft part of your sponge or bottle brush until the French Press is clean.
  1. Clean each piece of your French Press individually with a mix of baking soda and water. Rinse thoroughly.
  1. When dry, put the pieces back together so you can make coffee again.
  1. If you get hard water buildup, Make a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

It’s almost too good to be true, but wait till you hear this: One of the best characteristics of this type of coffee preparation is the chance to pick your favourite kind of coffee. We wanted to make sure you get the most out of your new favourite morning beverage, and we have dedicated the next chapter to what the best type of coffee is to make your French Press Cold Brew.

What Is The Best Type Of Coffee To Use When Making French Press Cold Brew?

If you are wondering where to get the best coffee beans to make whipped coffee from, here is the answer: 205 degrees is an expert for excellent, organic micro-roasted, fresh coffee. We offer micro-roasted premium organic beans that are roasted fresh and shipped out fast, so you can brew a perfect batch of micro-roasted coffee in the comfort of your home and enjoy its full taste.

The Cold Brew is all about premium quality beans, and although sometimes they may be challenging to find and you may face a lack of freshly roasted coffee for home brewing, don’t worry! We roast and ship organic gourmet coffee to your door, so you don’t have to spend time searching for freshly roasted coffee, which is so difficult to find nowadays.

If you want to experience the very best taste of Cold Brew made in the French Press we highly recommend getting Paradise Blend (Donut Shop, Medium Roast) – 12oz!!!

Our coffee is micro-roasted in small batches to bring out the rich flavor unmatched by roasting in large quantities. When you order a bag of 205 coffee, we can assure you that we bag our beans within a couple of hours after we roasted the beans in most cases. What’s more, you don’t have to pay high fresh roasted coffee prices at cafes because our coffee is entirely affordable and pays off significantly in the long run.
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